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About us

We are building upon a rich heritage where as our Church was established in 1866. We desire is to continue honoring the mighty name of Christ in our church and community:

-   Where building unity and ministering to the world belong together…

-   Where we worship together, study the Scriptures, pray together and get involved in hands-on missions…

-   Where spiritual growth and fellowship for children and youth go hand in hand…

-   Where change is always possible because no matter who you are, or where you've been

- and no matter what you've done, there's always one more second chance to come back home to Christ, Our practical applications of the Bible gives all hearers a chance to really know the Lord.

-   Where we know that real people make mistakes and are forgiven by a real God, as we allow the power of the Holy Spirit to give us a mind like Christ.

Our Mission:

"To Proclaim the Kingdom of God, Preach Salvation Through Jesus, and Equip God's People for Service"


Our Vision:

"To Become ALL Things To ALL Men, That We May Gain Some"

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